Article Abstract:

We human beings continue to wrestle with our identities as spiritual people, both individually and collectively. This article proposes a synthesized perspective on human spirituality, introducing the concept of pneumaplasticity, which allows us to move beyond the spiritual limits common to several major faith traditions to see how our spiritual selves can adapt and rewire to facilitate meaning-making and continued discernment of our ever-developing senses of identity and meaning. This concept is of particular value to professionals providing spiritual care in any setting.

Book Summary:

Human spirituality is at a crossroads. Spiritual care providers and clergy encounter this reality on a daily basis. The “old” ways of framing experiences and crises are becoming less effective for an increasing number of people, regardless of their religious traditions. Fear and insecurity permeate our culture to such an extent that many people have become stuck within spiritual frameworks that are no longer as helpful or healthy as they may have been generations ago. A new framework, or perhaps new interpretations of the human spiritual experience, are needed. I propose that pneumaplasticity, the ability of human spirituality to rewire itself, is a key factor in making these necessary changes. As human beings learn to cultivate our pneumaplasticity, we will begin to also rewire our fear, and to embrace our full potential. We will begin to affirm our common humanity, to discover new ways of forming community, and to articulate new and renewed senses of meaning and purpose.

This book details the concept of pneumaplasticity, and applies it to the human spiritual experience. It also provides practical examples and insight for spiritual care providers and clergy of all faith backgrounds to utilize within their scopes of practice. Implementing a broad and flexible approach, pneumaplasticity provides a means for human beings to identify and rewire our fear, so that it does not devolve into unhealthy or violent expressions, and can actually serve as energy for emotional and spiritual growth.