Advance Health Care Planning

We've all heard that making an Advance Care Directive is a good idea, even if you're a young adult. But why have so few of us done so?

I suspect that, for many of us, putting our thoughts "on paper" forces us to confront our mortality, which no one actually wants to do. However, having our wishes in writing, and shared with those we love, serves to open lines of communication about our values and priorities, and helps others to know what we feel is most important, in the event that we are unable to communicate those values on our own.

I will help you to facilitate this process, and to clarify your own values and desires related to your healthcare. I will also give guidance on how to share your directive with your designated decision-maker, and other loved ones.

Additionally, if you have a life-limiting condition, I can help you to clarify your goals of care, and to make choices about what level of care you prefer in specific situations.

My training and experience in hospice and palliative care prepares me well to facilitate these conversations.