About me:

Karen Martinson Cherwien

Karen Cherwien CV - 2023.pdf

I am a spiritual care clinician by training.  I am a thinker, writer, teacher, counselor, and coach.  My giftedness lies in helping people to navigate the twists and turns of life, and to gain deeper access to their own emotional and spiritual resources, as well as to their very selves.  My ability to create a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental space invites people to access their courage, and to live into their integrated, true selves. 

I am influenced by Parker Palmer, John O'Donohue, and Matthew Fox, as well as many other theologians and spiritual leaders, but I recognize that each person has her or his own unique spiritual and vocational pathway.    I value the diversity of humanity, but also believe we have much in common.  I hold deep respect for the variety of spiritual practices and traditions in the world, and work to facilitate spiritual development in ways that promote healthy utilization of these practices and traditions.  I am also adept at working with people who have no religious or spiritual affiliation.

My philosophical/theological perspective:  I am an ordained Lutheran pastor, and served congregations in southwestern Minnesota before becoming an interfaith chaplain in 2011.  I became a Board Certified Chaplain (APC) in 2016.  In my clinical work as a chaplain, I have come to see how interconnected we all are, especially through the sharing of our stories and the building of relationships.  I believe that we have the unique ability to make meaning of our experiences, even as our stories change and our perspectives shift and expand throughout our lives.  My interests in theology and writing enhance my ability to work with clients to explore and embrace their own stories, and to clarify and embody their authentic identities and spirituality.