COVID-19 Spiritual Resources

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I know that people are struggling as a result of COVID-19. Many people are feeling scared. Many people are feeling distrustful. Many people are feeling angry. Many people are asking the question "WHY?!". Many of us are struggling to cope with feelings and questions we maybe can't even identify. Many are struggling just to cope.

I am here to help. My best gifts include the ability to help you discern exactly what you are struggling with, and how to access your sources of strength, meaning, and purpose to cope with the challenges we are presently facing.

Please contact me to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

I have also made a list of resources and practices that many people find helpful in difficult times:

>>>Psalms. There is a psalm for almost every situation. Psalm 22, Psalm 42, Psalm 46, Psalm 55, and Psalm 121 are all good options (not to mention the other 145 psalms).

>>>Hymns. Many excellent hymns have been written that can speak to the situations in which we find ourselves. Flip through a hymnal. Or search YouTube. There is also much music by "secular" artists that can speak to us at this time, as well.

>>>Poetry. Read poetry; speak it aloud. Write your own.

>>>Journaling. Write it down; whatever "it" is. No one ever has to read it, but writing down your thoughts helps to crystalize them, and gets them out of your head, if they've been spinning there for awhile. This can also be a way to reflect on your thoughts and emotions during this time.

>>>Meditation. There are apps that can help to facilitate this practice, but the main idea is to calm and focus your mind; to build compassion and mindfulness. It can be helpful to focus exclusively on your breathing for a time. There are many different ways to meditate. See Headspace for a good description.

>>>Prayer. (if this is part of your spiritual tradition). Like meditation, prayer can help us to "let go" of whatever may be weighing on us. It can also empower us to take action.

>>>Additionally, an excellent list of resources has been compiled by a chaplaincy colleague of mine.